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Purple Cake Day 2016

HBEF celebrates Purple Cake Day every year to celebrate with our corporate sponsor in New Zealand - Kenbe La Foundation. The official Purple Cake day is in March but we have our Kenyan one in October. Today we celebrated with the class 1 and 2 pupils at Restoration Education Center in Kibera.

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Happy 94th Birthday Ms. Hilde Back

"A small act bears witness to the ripple effect a single action can create" Ms. Hilde Back.
Without your great "small act", HBEF would not be in existence. Happy Birthday!

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Nairobi August 2016 BMSV

HBEF Director Sarah Njuru consulting with the Form 3 corporate beneficiaries in the HBEF Offices and a group photo of the Form 3 and 4 Nairobi beneficiaries.

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Kiambu August 2016 BMSV

HBEF Kiambu County beneficiaries being motivated by 2 County education officers and a former beneficiary Bonface Karuru during the August 2016 BMSV. One of the motivational speakers said: 'If you want to invest for a year, plant rice; if you want to invest for 3 years, plant a tree; if you want to invest for 100 years, invest in a child's education!'

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Invest in a child's education

Week 1 of the Beneficiary Monitoring and Support Visit (BMSV) ends today and Week 2 begins on Monday. HBEF uses these visits to monitor the students progress and to motivate them to do their best. It is quite a humbling experience impacting these young minds. A quote from 1 of our motivational speakers in Kiambu county yesterday: 'If you want to invest for a year, plant rice; if you want to invest for 3 years, plant a tree; if you want to invest for 100 years, invest in a child's education!'

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Thank you to all our sponsors!

A sponsor is more than a financial sponsor – most of our sponsors give much more than their money to educate their beneficiaries’ lives, they give their time, their families and share their lives with our beneficiaries. They take the time to write to the children and even send them letters. As HBEF we are truly grateful to all our sponsors and as we prepare to meet the students from the 15th – 26th August we are reminded of the reason we do what we do at HBEF – promoting education as a human right. Thank you to all our past and present sponsors!

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Bonface Karuru

Hi Hildeback Family,
My name is Bonface Karuru, a former beneficiary from year 2008- 2011 back when i was in Kiambu High School where managed to score an A- in KCSE. I recently graduated from Kenyatta university with a First Class Honors Degree in Economics and Finance. I want to take this opportunity to thank Hildeback Education Fund for your financial aid that I received through my high school studies. It went a really long way in making me reach to a whole new level through my campus life and also in shaping the man that i am today through the motivational retreats that you organized for us during my time as a beneficiary. This email is primarily meant to recognize the role that you have played in shaping my life...and also to share the good news with you.

I am indeed greatful to Hildeback for the part that you have played in my life. THANKYOU VERY MUCH HILDEBACK FAMILY
A small act gone a long way........................

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January - June 2016 Newsletter

The latest newsletter is now on the website ready to download; it serves to inform on what HBEF has been up to the last 6 months. Enjoy the read:

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Middle school students raise funds for HBEF

Four middle school students of Haverhill, Massachusetts (USA) with the help of their teacher raised money by selling bracelets in their school to help students access education. HBEF is humbled to benefit from these young children and the money raised will be used to pay one of our student's tuition.


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HBEF Donation Page

Creative Visions has been experiencing a major problem with online transactions and has therefore temporarily suspended processing online donations through Classy, while they continue to work with experts to resolve the problem.

As a short-term solution, CVF has partnered with Network for Good, so that you can resume payments to Hilde Back Education Fund. Creative Visions is highly confident in the ability for us to receive donations safely and securely through Network for Good.

Our new donation page is now live and you can sign up and make the payment here:

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Tyson Machimbo Lumbuku (2012-2015)

I would like to take the opportunity to inform you that I am very grateful for your great support for sponsoring me in my high school education for the four years in St. Peter's Mumias Boys High School.
Due to your great support, I was able to learn comfortably and eventually scored a mean grade of B+. This has enabled me to qualify to do Bachelor of Education in Kenyatta University.
Once again I would like to say that you have made a great impact in my life and how I pray that the Almighty God open the financial doors for you so that you can continue with the same spirit.
Lastly I thank the whole Hilde Back Back fraternity together with my former sponsor Sir James Hays. May God bless you all.

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