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Kiambu April 2017 BMSV

Kiambu Form 1 students at the recently concluded Beneficiary and Monitoring Support Visits(BMSV). HBEF staff are now working on preparing an update to all sponsors.

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Chris takes His mother to Harvard University

"When I graduated here 24 years ago, my mother was absent from the ceremony, because it was too expensive for her to make the trip from my native village in Kenya to the United States. So you can imagine the joy I felt last week as I brought her for her first visit to the university, at the age of 83! Though uneducated herself, my mother has always valued education and indeed remains one of the smartest people I know." Chris Mburu

To read more on the story, read it here:


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Rwandese girl with a dream

Education is a human right! It should be accessible to all and at the same level. Sadly this is not a reality in Kenya and most of Africa but it will change...there is hope.
A Rwandese teen has already edged out her part in this. Read the article to see the number of Ivy league colleges she's been called to.
There is hope...


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Upcoming BMSV

The first school break is coming up for the 2017 school year. It is always an exciting time for us at HBEF as we get to hear from the students how the new year has been and what is different in their new classes. It is also an exciting time as we get to meet the new beneficiaries and hear their secondary school experience. 

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2017 Kajiado Home Visit

As part of the recruitment process, HBEF does beneficiary home visits to ascertain that the students are indeed from needy backgrounds as that is one of the key issues the organization looks at when seeking to recruit students each year.
Last week, 3 HBEF staff visited Olentoko Village in Kajiado County where Philip Surumen one of our Form 1 students is from. He joined Olkejuado High School and we look forward to meeting him during the first monitoring visit to hear his experience in secondary school.
The pictures are taken in the family homestead; Philip's mother - Maria Surumen, HBEF Executive Director - Sarah, Philip's primary Headteacher - Mr. Daniel Teeka and one of the younger children pose for a photo at the end of the interview.
Philip emerged the top pupil in his school and the whole district.

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Anne Kangethe's story highlighted

There is a saying..."If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together" and so it is in development and especially education.
We are proud to note that one of our former beneficiaries - Anne Kangethe is now pursuing a course in Medicine at the University of Nairobi with the help of one of our supporters and partners Kenya Community Development Foundation
Do read her story on their latest newsletter here: 

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Kimani Shining!

HBEF is so proud to have a larger and larger group of secondary graduates who go on to do great things.

''My 2nd article of the semester is up on the NU Talon. Please read and let me know what you think.
Congratulations to Micah Lorenz, Alex Lee, and Julia Laura Olson, for being elected as the first students body leaders under (ASNU) here at Northwest University.'' Patrick Kimani Nyambura

Read the article here:

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Nairobi November BMSV

November Nairobi BMSV as the students write letters to their sponsors and watched the film 'A small act'. Many of them commented that the film reminded them of how they had received their scholarship and how much hope it had given them.

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Kiambu 2016 BMSV

Kiambu County Beneficiary Monitoring and Support Visit in December 2016 where the students watched 'A small Act' film. HBEF hopes that the film has a great impact on them and that their success stories will also be told and celebrated one day.

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Changes in the Kenyan Education Sector

The Kenyan education sector has seen a lot of changes and there continues to be more developments to clean up the system. It is quite a bold move by the Education Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang'i but quite welcomed as you can read below.

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Valentines Message from Chris Mburu

Happy Valentine's Day, Ms Hilde Back!!! From me and all the children in Kenya whose lives you have changed forever! Enjoy the day, and also enjoy the special calendar produced by the Hilde Back Education Fund, the Kenyan charity named after you ( to mark 2017, the year you will turn 95! We all love you for helping us get an education, and for helping us understand that EDUCATION IS A HUMAN RIGHT!!!

Chris Mburu - HBEF Founder

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